Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ways to deal with conflict


Conflict it can be a difficult hurdle to overcome especially in the workplace.

It occurs in our personal and business lives.

How do we learn to deal with this in the calmest way and eliminate the stress it can cause.

Take the step forward, breathe deeply, count to three and smile.  

Remember you are not accountable for other peoples actions.

How others behave are their choice to try and deter anothers development to achieve their goals.

Sometimes their actions are from their own fears, and when others want to move on in life and strive to better oneself it awakens emotions which can feel strange.

  • How you respond can get a good resolution.....
  • Have you sat down and spoke to the person
  • Be respectful for what they have to say
  • If needed gain support and someone to mediate
  • Listen to one another
  • Discuss in a safe environment
  • Say what you need to say
  • When discussed ensure both parties have said what they wanted to say
  • Always speak calmly

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How People Communicate

How People Communicate

And Our Impact On Others

Face to Face

A simple smile causes a chain reaction, try it tomorrow walk past someone and smile....what did they do?  Majority will smile back.
People can have various thoughts and feelings
"ah that was nice"
"do i know you"
"leave a warm feeling inside your tummy"

Smiling is contagious, its free, 

Over the improves our voice through the tones.

I use to train in customer service in telesales and it really works!
Try it next time...........become self aware and conscious of what you do.  If you are in business promote this amongst your team and watch the positive impact it will have.
There are millions of people still yet to bring this alive, make a difference and make the change  amongst your teams!!!


What actually is selling?????

Selling is making money and improving sales and hopefully having a positive impact on all of our customers.

Pushy selling is a short term fix for a business where as great people who sell the solution first and the product second make the right first impression as they are interested in the person first and still are successful business people.

It is worth observing those in your teams to see if they have a positive impact or a negative impact with your customers.   How often do you seek feedback on ways to improve your business.
Simple yes......however not every business uses this solution.

First impressions count......its no different where we are or what we are doing.

Always consider how you have an impact the first time

you make a connection.

If it is over the phone
Face to face
Over the internet
Behind a screen

The powerful impact you have on the individual or a group the first time you meet, the way we speak, the way we look, the initial reaction we give.


Some of us are attracted for those that look very similar to us - ...look at some of the couples and look how similar some are to each other in facial characteristics.

Others are like chalk and cheese and couldn't be more different, yet get on like a house on fire.

We are all unique in our own way and we all have something special about us.  Some hide it that well it just hasn't been noticed yet.  Some are lucky in love and some are still on a journey to find someone special.

Business relationships
Some people can sell snow to the eskimos, woo people with every interaction, some have natural charisma.
Others have a warmth hotter than a volcano and some people just instinctly want to listen to every word they say.  People employ people from the first impressions they make and how they relate and interact when they are interviewed alongside with the skill set.

There are others who have hidden beauty - this can both be said in business and personal life.
Sometimes employing others to oversee what is right in front of your eyes can revamp your business and improve it at very little cost.

Observe your own behaviours next time you may see someone alone in a cafe, at a bar, in a restaurant what thoughts are going through your mind.

Have you ever considered a smile an acknowledgement.
Have you ever heard one of your friends, acquaintances say when someone smiles at you........
"I bet they fancy you" 
Remember a smile can be so innocent and just a way of being friendly without any hidden agenda.

So why as human beings do we all behave and react to different situations in varying ways?
How many times do you go out walking and meet someone else on a beautiful walk and acknowledge someone else???  They are things some of us do without any hesitation, it is our natural instinct.

If an opportunity arises maybe out of the norm do something different, give a great smile, just say "Hi", and if we all made one extra person smile a day what a difference it would make to the world.

I remember going to San Francisco through Golden Gate Park and was blown away by the homeless people saying "Hi" to me and I have to say it made me look at life in a completely different way and I came back from America several years ago now with a whole different perspective on never judging a book by its cover.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Believe In Yourself

Believe in Yourself


Why Not Believe In Yourself

We are born, 
we go through our childhood, 
our teenage years, 
and into adult life.

I am now 43 years old and when I look back upon my life I pat myself on the back and reward myself for my journey.

 (Wow I sound like my life is over....not a chance)

How many of us can say that!!!
How many more would love to say that!!!!!

How many have started from nothing and managed successful careers?
I like to inspire myself and others.
I haven't been an angel although I have learnt a lot as I am on my journey through life.
So why am I writing this blog........good I at the next crossroads in my life......yes is the answer......

I had a poor childhood and came from a less fortunate background.
Holding my socks up with elastic bands as they kept falling down.
Wearing plastic bags in my shoes to stop the water leaking in.
I remember the days as a kid at school once needing to go to the headmaster and asking if they could get me a pair of new shoes from the school grant system.

Looking back down I am not sure even my school friends would realise this even went on.

I believe today this has what has helped me a strong person and look at life differently and certainly not judge a book by its cover.  Although in society there are those who still stand very judgemental.

Yes I got into a spat of trouble as a kid......that was as a kid....did it ever happen again through adult life....No!!!!
Why not I hear you ask.......I made a choice that I wanted to be better I chose the right path to take!!!

I went on a YTS and learnt some more skills, worked my way through work placements and then my first job as a receptionist/office junior.  From there I went to a hamper company where I was there for over 10 years.  I learnt bought ledger and then internally moved to IT.

Never stop believing in yourself I was told by someone who worked for the company I would never get the IT job I was inexperienced I didn't have the capability and wouldn't know what I was doing.

Prove people wrong.......I did and was very successful in my position for years and years......

Fantastic hands on development, learnt IT securities, network administration, trained and developed staff on using software, troubleshooting any computer issues.  All the typical helpdesk scenarios I supported.   No training just pure determination and a can do attitude learnt me all the skills and using plenty of resource.

I then moved again to some spats of temporary work.
I  temporary worked in a call centre and got promoted within months again to an Outbound Call Centre Supervisor and also got involved with investigating potential fraudulent accounts......that was great work.....I love observing and getting into the nit and gritty found that fun!!!!  Shame about that job they went into administration....

I was offered an opportunity to train staff..........Ended up in out of a hotel and developing call centre staff to ensure they delivered the best customer experience ever!!!!!  Certainly fun when introductions came round and one young lady when asked what she did in the softest voice you have ever heard...............responded with sex operator.....well ice breaker for sure that was......and an interesting group discussion.   3 month contract and worth the opportunity.

I got a great referral from a friend as I had great keyboard skills to work as a PA on a construction site for a year ......this was a great nickname with the guys became Miss Money Penny lol....... 
What else did I do I hear you say....................I worked in an ice rink .......and one day the DJ didn't turn up for work so I offered to step in and worked there for numerous years......that was when the DJ'ing bug kicked in............well amongst all my other jobs I was doing ..............I loved every minute and decided to set up my own company and become a DJ as well as work full time.
I did everything from resident DJ in bars, nightclub DJ, and weddings.

I did the DJing throughout my time living in Swindon.
Then intermittently next few months.....worked in a warehouse....even on a tip.....sorting out all the recycling goods..........did the draw the line when they offered me to work actually on the dirty tip amongst the rats etc.....a step too far.....

Spent several months working in a call centre as a financial advisor giving support on peoples pensions and shares etc...... 
However me.......I stepped out onto the ledge .....and ...........  
I took 6 months out of life with my partner at the time and travelled from Lands End to John O'Groats in a motor home and wow would recommend to anyone, rent out your house and just live for today.

Living on the edge of life or what!!!!!!    I hear the phrase SLOW DOWN!!!!! Did I mention I can be a little hyper!!!!

It is true though......we all need to slow down a little and take things in.......that would be one of my opportunities in life I am currently working on!!!!!!

Self awareness is crucial for our own development.

On arrival back to Swindon..................well actually never arrived back as such....I worked 2 weeks telesales in a call centre boosting the funds........enjoyed Blackpool so much......put an offer on a house........sold house in Swindon within 2 weeks........and relocated.....

What was really fantastic was ........having a CV to hand.....whilst doing telesales and promoting myself whilst working ........they offered me a promoting to Sales Manager upon my relocation......they always says things fall into place for a reason if you BELIEVE!!!!!!

Loved Blackpool for years to come and when working as the Manager for a mobile phone company looking after a lot of people who were trained and coached by myself to earn high salaries as everyone was self employed......

I needed another change to broaden my horizon and my skills and talent even further.

Great opportunity to join a big brand and develop in a retailer as a Assistant Manager.
I then progressed pretty quickly to Store Manager in Blackpool.

After a relationship breakdown I started looking elsewhere......Great News for me a job opportunity with the same company and to Sunny Bournemouth.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying life isn't tough at times, however look deep within and believe in your abilities, and be positive, calm and focussed...........

I worked as a Retail Manager for over 5 years until I came to a point in my life where I needed to create my next journey...................Why...........a decision I came to not easily, however there needs to be the balance between work and life.

Where am I now, yes back to the crossroads, however with positivity and excitement and a real adrenalin rush for the next chapter in my life.

So currently just doing bits and bobs and writing my first blog....which no doubt will become addictive for watch this space.......

Who inspired me?????  I did as I believed in me......and as you will others!!!!

Follow where my footsteps will take me next!!!!!

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